Meet Amy Geer: Urban Living

Amy Geer is a Human Resources Business Partner at the Canadian Institute for Health Information. Her husband has a management role in the finance department at one of the local hospitals. They live in a condo in downtown Toronto, with their two-and-a-half-year-old son. Both work in the city, and commute to and from their jobs using public transit.

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Meet Lisa Kist: Setting Boundaries

Lisa Kist is a Senior Human Resources Director at Transcontinental Inc. (or “TC”) in Kansas, USA. Lisa recently moved into a new role with TC, where she is responsible for leading the Human Resources function for three packaging facilities. She agreed to share with Le Mat Bar how she has managed to balance demanding professional and personal obligations.

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Meet Noëlly Sam: Founder of

Imagine you’re throwing yourself headfirst into the craziness of launching a business. You’re reaching out to your first clients, developing your brand, strategizing non-stop. Now imagine at the very same time finding out you’re pregnant with your first child.

That was Noëlly Sam’s experience and we’re so glad she agreed to share her story with us in our very first podcast episode.

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Meet Jane-Marie Rocca: Making room at the trading desk

Jane-Marie Rocca is Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Fiera Capital, a leading investments firm in Canada. With 32 years of industry experience, she knows a thing or two about climbing the ranks in a demanding environment. A sharp, courageous woman and mom, she talked to Le Mat Bar about the challenges she has faced throughout her career and shared her wisdom for those of us juggling careers and parenthood.

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No man’s land: Navigating job loss after mat leave and reinventing your career

Brought to us by Natalka Haras, a lawyer living with her husband and 18 month old daughter in Montreal.

My maternity leave did not end as planned. Turns out, there was no job for me to return to.

This was scary; disorienting. So much anxiety and emotion. How was my family – my tiny daughter, my devoted and creative husband, and me – going to get through this? We depended on my income. I am a lawyer with many marketable skills; my husband is an artist who had recently gone back to school.

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Meet Fanny Bustillo: Perfecting the supermom schedule

Fanny Bustillo joins us to chat about her busy life. An Industrial Engineer with an MBA, she is the mother of a 3 year old boy, stepmother of a 17 year old girl and godmother of a 7 year old girl, working as a Senior IT Business Analyst at McGill University. Over the years, she has taken the career challenges that have come her way, working in different industries, different fields and different countries, managing teams as well as performing specialist roles.

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Meet Evangelia Pavlakos: From accountant to make-up artist

Today we're featuring Evangelia Pavlakos, mother of three boys (ages 8, 6 and 4). Eva talks to us about how she went from accountant to freelance make-up artist and hairstylist over the course of her maternity leaves. Her stunning work includes photoshoots for magazines, ads and television.

Check out her website and get in touch with her at We're big fans of her work and not so secretly wishing she was around every day to hide the dark circles under our eyes...

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Meet Heidi Clavet: Juggling many hats

We are excited to launch our new series of Le Mat Bar interviews featuring women sharing their thoughts on how motherhood has impacted their career. We're kicking things off with Heidi Clavet, mother of three small children (6 years, 3 years and 8 month old!), who shared with us how she manages her online business, coaching, teaching, volunteering and more.

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